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King of Scotland - One4Review

4 Stars ****

King of Scotland, written and directed by Ian Heggie, with the Glasgow Actors in association with the Tron Theatre, is a one man monologue of great character comedy and political bite.

Jonathan Watson is Tommy McMillan, who after 28 years of unemployment, which he believes is the work of a lifetime, becomes part of a Government training scheme which becomes a chance to ascend above  the overbearing housing association and big Jackie complaining about the mould.

Jonathan Watson, brings out the humour of such an over opinionated Scotsman and his presence and detailed story telling is engaging. Towards the end of the piece when the character is too far gone he maintains the characters conviction and we get a fascinating insight to his mentality.

Scot’s should pride themselves on political theatre as Heggie’s piece is evidence that Scottish theatre can be politically relevant without forcing a point down an audience’s throat but instead using Scot’s themselves to highlight issues.

Scot’s and Non-Scot’s will have something to say about this, especially in light of the Scottish elections earlier this year.

Reviewed by Andrew Gourlay

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