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Richard Herring – Oh F***, I’m 40 - One4Review

There’s no hanging about with Richard Herring, as soon as he hits the stage he’s off and running.  Herring has recently turned 40 and seems to have reached a crisis point. What has he achieved in his life thus far?  Should he really be carrying on with the childish schtick he’s honed over the last 20 years? The answer to the latter is most definitely yes if we continue to receive quality material such as this.  Herring drifts through an exploration of the pitfalls of reaching the big 4-0 and why he is in continual denial of this particular landmark.  He sends up his own desperate attempts to still appear ‘with it’, regales us with tales of his sexual prowess with the ladies (or not) and often veers between the deeply philosophical to the downright puerile.  In some cases you feel it may be a case of a little too much information, but then that’s no bad thing coming from Herring.  He skirts the line of being slightly sleazy, but in an ultimately lovable and entertaining way. ****

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