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Marcia Brown – The Unsung Diva - One4Review

Tameka Empson’s parody of a fictional Motown singing star works a treat. Marcia Brown is the singer who has worked with all the greats, Marvin and Smokey for example, but don’t mention Diana Ross.  Her comedy patter got off to a great start when she discovered an elderly gent who from his looks and voice might have been Sean Connery’s brother. Boy, did she know how to play the vamp throughout her performance. The show is cleverly structured as she recounts her rise to fame along with boy friend Eddie, a smooth talking, womanising record producer. She blends anecdotes with Motown songs in which the lyrics reflected her feelings. Thus her break-up with Eddie calls for ‘I heard it through the grapevine’ and ‘I just don’t know what to do with myself’- songs from her latest CD of course. She looks the diva in her full length sequin dress. When she is singing, her exaggerated movements are a reminder of the silly gestures which were meant to dramatise what were often banal lyrics – very funny. Tameka Empson’s portrayal of a larger than life personality is highly successful. ****

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