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Al Pitcher Experience - One4Review

The Al Picher show for me was definitely an ‘Experience’, It serves me right but, when I saw Al was doing The Fringe again I e-mailed him to say I was hoping to see him. First bad move. Arriving at the venue early I sat at the end of the front row. After coming on stage and introducing himself he then introduced me and pointed out to the audience that it was their fault if they didn’t laugh he’d get a bad review.  Great start! After we settled into the show it was just great fun. Last years show was entitled Al Pitcher Werewolf Catcher and that’s what brought him to my attention, I loved it and went back for more. I am so glad I did. Al is another comedian who talks 20 to the dozen and whose brain is like a circular maze with dead-ends, loop backs, connecting passages and secret doors. You start off in one direction only to suddenly change subject but eventually return to where you were to continue the journey. He also interacts with his audience and although never cutting, can be a little intimidating, but in a nice way! He seems to be able to scare people into silence, they loose the ability to speak every second or third time he returns to them.  Although I was laughing uncontrollably, I didn’t have an asthma attack, well he did warn me not to! This very funny man can take you on a journey into the realms of almost insanity without leaving your chair. The only problem is you’ve probably laughed so much, experienced ups and downs you’d think you’ve just run a marathon. A massive marathon of mirth. ****

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