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Juliet Myers: I am Not Spartacus - One4Review

4 Stars ****

On a wet Wednesday afternoon, Fringe week three, a small but beautifully formed audience one could almost have forgiven Juliet Meyers if she let the pace of her show drop. Did she do that? Hell no! Unlike the title of her show she stood up to the plate and delivered a show of substance, good material and a whole host of laughs along the way, and okay maybe just a couple of lesser moments.

She is an engaging comic, a pleasant manner and one surely can’t help but like her and her style.

As well as the already mentioned potential issues, she also had to cope with a rather enthusiastic ‘touch typist’ who got seriously involved in the show and the Venue deciding to test the fire alarm part way through her set, not to mention the staff member who confirmed it a test right over part of her story. Cope. Certainly she did and carried on virtually without pausing.

I will concede that there were not so many belly laughs in her hour, but there was certainly ample material of sufficient quality for most people and all delivered by a quality comic.

Sign me up for next years show please.

Reviewed by Geoff

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