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Al Pitcher – Idiot Wind - One4Review

This was my first exposure to this New Zealand born comedian, although a certain someone within our team has been banging on about him for a couple of years now, and how I managed to get to get to review him I am still at a loss to explain. Pitcher bursts onto the set with a rock ‘n’ roll entrance, deliberately starts again, with the Emmerdale theme, slightly more down beat, but now we are off. He makes the gig intimate by performing without the mike and the material comes thick and fast starting off with his primary school unrequited love, some daft things he has said at gigs, the seemingly compulsory foray into the failed bombing threats in both London and Glasgow, New Zealand of course, dreams and an hilarious story of revenge he extracted on his young sister when both were small. Aware of his audience suffering the heat build up in his space he offers his own solution, a very nice touch, from a very talented and able comedian. Building towards a finale an audience member is selected to assist in the illusion, and to be fair havoc ensues, due to the enthusiasm of said volunteer, but hey, it did not detract from what was a very satisfactory way to finish my Fringe day, and I certainly can understand what all the enthusiasm was about. ****

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