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School of Comedy - One4Review

I must admit I approached this show with a little trepidation. I am not the member of our team who does kids shows and given this was eight of them performing comedy I did not expect to have a very enjoyable time. Boy was I wrong!! These were not kids, but very funny young adults trapped in teenage bodies. Everyone of the octet played their part in what was an all too short hour of first class entertainment. With the excess of twenty sketches, some running gags, and  wickedly observed and performed material the group had far more talent, comic timing and stage presence that many of the adult troupes who are performing either revue or sketch shows this Fringe. The crowded Pleasance Two warmed to these young stars from the off and why not when they performed as well as they did . I don’t know if they write any of their own material or perform other peoples but it was well chosen and delivered. If this are the future of British comedy, then I think we are probably in very good hands and confidently expect at least a couple to go on to be star names in a few years. Take my advise and check them out. You won’t regret it. ****

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