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Jarlath Regan- Man of Very Little Mystery - One4Review

Jarlath Regan combines a warm, amiable personality with sharp, observational humour. He established his presence straightaway when dealing with a couple of inevitable latecomers with some gentle repartee. When he does interact with the audience, he can allow himself to be the butt of the exchange. The theme of his show is the confusion in our lives in the past year, whether it is the economic situation, or what we see in the media or in our personal lives. He does have his own solution which is to take pleasure and amusement from the little things in life. His material is funny, mature and intelligent. When speaking of the do’s and don’ts for men in long term relationships with wives/partners, I heard the guy sitting beside me mutter under his breath ‘Too true’ in between bursts of laughter. Routines based around a prison gig and even a stint as a Santa Claus are hilarious. Jarlath Regan has obviously built up a following from the applause he received right at the start. He certainly did not disappoint the sell-out audience. I am positive he has added to his following.   ****    Happy Birthday Jarlath for Monday 24th August!

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