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Christian Reilly – How to Rock - One4Review

Christian Reilly is a comedian who can sing and play some mean guitar rock and roll. His humour works so well because he looks and sounds the part of a rock musician, although the lyrics of some of his compositions definitely wouldn’t get air play. His big idea is to let rock and roll into our lives. Letting rock and roll into his life has been his salvation. When he took up the guitar as young teenager, it saved him from being a glutton. Looking at colourful cookery books was of greater interest than looking at other types of glossy magazines. It saved in him as a 17 year old when he caught the first passionate love of his life in a compromising position with the bass player in the group he was in. The bass player! Can there be any greater despair than that? Along the way his musical send ups of a whole range of rock icons from Elvis Presley through Status Quo to the Foo Fighters are hilarious. Great finish with a Star Wars love song set in Cornwall. Like seeing a rock act, what I wanted was an interval and then another session, but we only had the hour. Christian Reilly is an emerging talent – Bill Bailey watch out, there’s a new kid on the block! ****

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