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Jacob Storms' Tennessee Rising: The Dawn of Tennessee Williams  5***** - One4Review

Jacob Storms’ Tennessee Rising: The Dawn of Tennessee Williams  5*****

| On 09, Aug 2023

This entertaining play is an hour of catnip for Tennessee Williams fans. Jacob Storm, who wrote the piece and plays the title role, gives a charming account of Williams’ life from childhood to the brink of his first major success – The Glass Menagerie. His deep love for his troubled sister Rose was a source of inspiration for many of his plays, and Jacob’s script gives many a nod towards other characters encountered along the way who were to appear in Williams plays. His fame was not immediate, and he acknowledges that his mind and money were elsewhere, when he could have been concentrating on his career. An initial fear of New York did not help matters and he moved around frequently but the elusive success eventually came . The dialogue is packed with Southern wit and charm and his wonderfully catty put downs regarding the many characters in his life are hilarious – his disdain for Lana Turner is especially entertaining. The script does not shy away from the darkness in his life and makes for a fully rounded portrayal of this talented man. 

Jacob Storm is superb and has the audience in the palm of his hand. He nimbly switches between comedy and tragedy and warmly engages with the audience to carry them along with his narrative.  I’m a huge Tennessee William’s fan so loved this play, but I recommend it to everyone. 


Reviewed by Rona 

Assembly George St – Front Room 

17.05 (1hr)

Until 27th (not 14th or 22nd

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