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Pleasure Little Treasure 4**** - One4Review

Pleasure Little Treasure 4****

| On 07, Aug 2023

I’m sure the almost full auditorium didn’t know what to expect with this one. At the beginning the small TV on the stage draws your attention to events in the Soviet Union, it’s 1991 and the collapse of the USSR is about to bring change to a country that has been very much stifled. Given the current events in Russia it’s hard not to make comparisons.The irony of the small TV is significant given the lack of western influence at that time. The music sets the tone as it’s hard and powerful before Elina enters the stage, pregnant. As the TV is switched off, a voice from above can be heard, a voice I can only describe as Arnold Schwarzenegger chewing a Mars Bar! The voice has an input throughout the performance that catches your attention when required.Elina tells the story from her eyes, living in the now Estonia, her mother sets up the 1st ever legal strip club. Elina is only a child, growing up in the strip club but being kept away from the goings on within. She recalls Depeche Mode‘s Pleasure Little Treasure playing constantly in the background as she grew up, and trying McDonald’s for the 1st time.A quick change and enter Elon Must, Adidas in drag and a self proclaimed gift to women is hilarious, his audience interaction is straight to the point but funny if it’s not directed at you!The on stage costume changes don’t interrupt the flow as the audience wait to see what’s coming next.The story continues as the Mob/Mafia take over the strip clubs and the money is literally flying around the room, then a pause as we listen to Enigmas return to innocence, a poignant reminder of how far the change has come.One last costume change as the story draws to a close, at this point everyone has been drawn into Elina’s world but unfortunately the ending was unexpectedly abrupt leaving the audience a bit unfulfilled but perhaps that’s also credit to the show for encapsulating the audience to a point where they wanted more.Not sure if Elina’s pregnancy was part of the show but it didn’t stop her on stage Energy or enthusiasm. Well worth seeing!


Reviewed by Steve

Underbelly Cowgate – Delhi Belly

17.25 (1hr)

Until 13 Aug



  1. Brian Allan

    “Arnold Schwarzenegger chewing a Mars Bar” and Depeche Mode, never mind the play sounds fascinating, this sounds unmissable.

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