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Ivy Paige: Filthy Rich 4**** - One4Review

| On 23, Aug 2015

Who is Ivy Paige? Talented singer, burlesque queen, comedian. In this hour long show, Ivy Paige takes us through her ‘get rich programme’. She sings her way through both well known and original songs, while of course getting to know the audience a little better.

While working the audience, Paige is at her finest. Look out anyone who sits in the first row as you may find yourself up on stage being the focus of a strip tease. The jokes may be sex-filled, and she may be straddling someone, but Paige’s experience shines through as there is the right amount of self-deprecation and humour to keep the show funny and engaging. I laughed more during this show than I did during most straight forward comedy shows, sometimes in shock at what just came out of her mouth.

Paige’s real talent however is her voice. She did a great job on Abba’s ‘Money Money Money’ and really showed of her vocal talent by covering Kylie’s ‘Can’t get you out of my mind’.

So, if you fancy a show that’s full of song, laughs and has just enough edge to keep you focussed for an hour (and at 10pm), then grab a pint and head to the Underbelly. Just don’t take your mum.

Reviewed by Claire

Underbelly, Cowgate. Aug 18-30

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