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Butterfly Rammy 4**** - One4Review

Butterfly Rammy 4****

| On 23, Aug 2015

This show has grown from the increase in political engagement in Scotland inspired by the referendum. While it was produced by yes-voters/independence-supporters/generally-lefties, a good portion of the discussion (today, about division) was about how to engage with the ‘other side’ (whomever that might be). There was an openness to (robust) debate, and even within the generally-left audience, differences of opinion were apparent. Pauline Goldsmith and Tam Dean Burn served as hosts, introducing guests and moving the conversation on (though perhaps not quickly enough when it came to audience comments), and we were serenaded by Andrea Marini, whose incomprehensible vocals were nevertheless lovely.

The topic for discussion changes throughout the run, each show taking its inspiration from a Scots word: today we were beelin’. The guest panel (John Finnie MSP, Sally Foster-Fulton and Alan Bissett) talked well and interestingly about the sense of division before and after the referendum (without any party-political point scoring) as well as how to breach those divisions, real or otherwise. There was a good range of reflections, bringing in views and experiences of politicians-proper as well as of the day-to-day pub conversations most people have had.

In its aim of building on and continuing political engagement, this show makes a good contribution, bringing politics out of government and into a cultural space. There probably won’t be many of ‘the other side’ in the audience, but that won’t be for lack of a welcome. It would be lovely if the right could stage something similar; the Fringe is an excellent common ground.

Reviewed by Laura

Stand in the Square, 12:20

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