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The Fantastical Story Factory 4**** - One4Review

The Fantastical Story Factory 4****

| On 06, Aug 2014

I always find the shows which are built upon spontaneous improvisation the most difficult to pull off, given that you can never fully know what is about to be thrown in your direction. When you put children in charge, I assume that this can only be more difficult as their minds do not work with the same tangents as ours do! ( Although, it’s a fairly safe bet that poo will feature at some point!)

These ladies and gents executed this to perfection, they grasped all of the ideas from the young audience and produced a highly entertaining adventure.

There were songs, dances, humour, poo jokes and some very inventive creation of props….even a visit from God himself! They had a large section of the audience on the stage a couple of times which only served to delight the audience further.

It would be very interesting to go back to this show as every performance would be different depending on the ideas thrown at them from the crowd. Our show featured a character called Mr Duck, a Mr Poo, a visit to heaven, a castle, a desert and it was all set in a bath tub, apparantly the day before had featured Henry VIII!

This show is worthy of a visit for anyone with a young family as it is highly interactive, energetic and fun!

Gilded Balloon, Teviot House.

July 30 – August 17th. 13.15.

Reviewed by Kath.

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