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Playing Burton - One4Review

Perhaps this is strange to say but where as I admire and enjoy watching Richard Burton perform in film, I almost idolise Guy Masterson. I admit to being a little surprised to discover the close blood relationship between these two very talented men. I went to see Josh Richards performing as Burton directed by Guy Masterson, with slightly different expectations. I know that everything Guy is involved in is top quality but to have had intimate personal knowledge of the subject took this show to a higher level still. I sat back and enjoyed this show, not just as a performance, but a glimpse into the personal life of one of the worlds most famous actors. There were times when Josh sounded exactly as I imagined Burton would and when he is describing Elizabeth Taylor for the first time you are in no doubt who she is although her name is not mentioned at the time. Part of the magic in any solo show is in the writing without a good script even the best actor in the world struggles to produce a creditable performance. Mark Jenkins himself also welsh certainly seems to have magic in his writing. He has brought out many different facets of the man, the actor and the legend. I can not imagine how different the show would be without Guys input. I did not look at the programme before seeing the show and was therefore not aware of all the facts and relationships. This is a well written, skillfully directed and beautifully performed glimpse into the life of one of the most idolised welsh actors ever. Despite  being at the back of the room I felt I was the only one present and couldn’t believe it was over when the lights went on. *****

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