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A Clockwork Orange - One4Review

It’s dark, it’s gloomy, there is a threat of menace, it has dark, shadowy characters… and that is only the impression one gets in entering the theatre. In this adaptation of Anthony Burgess’s book, Stanley Kubrick’s movie this nine strong cast give a wonderfully engaging performance as director Joe Tantalo really puts them through their paces. To anti-hero Alex and his teenage gang drug enduced violence is their raison d’etre and the more vicious and horrific the better and gang rape is seen as an added extra.   On getting caught for one crime that ends in murder Alex is given the option of a radical cure in the form of brainwashing in an effort to reforming him, but does this really work? The somber lighting plots, together with a soundtrack of Beethoven and techno music add to the overall implied threat of this experience. This play is hard hitting, and pulls few punches. Violence is fairly graphically portrayed and there is some brief nudity. Not really ideal fare for youngsters. ****

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