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Something Fishy - One4Review

Something Fishy is a comedy thriller which is played with enormous gusto by Liz Hague as Daisy and Kate Mooney as Petunia. The play opens with the two girls, upper class and naïve, arriving by chance in the coastal village of Beever when their boat is washed up after a storm. They decide to stay and they meet up with all manner of weird characters also played by Liz Hague and Kate Mooney cleverly moving from character to character. However, there is something strange about this village. No fish dishes appear on any menu and where are the children?   In between times Petunia falls for Nobby a local fisherman who has given up the sea and, although he in return has fallen for Petunia, he urges the girls to leave the village immediately for they are in danger. Finding their boat has been vandalised, the girls decide to stay and solve what has happened to the children. Without giving the ending away, they solve the riddle but at what cost. This is a rollicking, tongue in cheek yarn and great fun. ****

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