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Arnold Wesker’s The Mistress

August 8, 2007 |

Anyone reading my reviews knows I admire those performers who can carry a show on their own shoulders. You will also be aware of my admiration for director and performer Guy Masterson. Once again there are numerous shows under … Read More

A Dependable Marriage

August 8, 2007 |

NUTS hail from Newcastle University and for years have been bringing good quality entertainment to the Fringe. Their offering this year is the  Caroline Wood written A Dependable Marriage. Alice, Margaret Clunie, has discovered that her sister Lucy’s, Edwina … Read More

Land on my Tongue

August 8, 2007 |

Contradictions abound in this comedy of the absurd, written and directed by Hugh Jordan. There is the girl (Helen Plummer) who is fishing in a pond with no fish and who is much older than she looks; there is … Read More

Rosebud: The Lives of Orson Welles

August 8, 2007 |

In looks, manner and voice Christian McKay is a convincing Orson Welles, but it is his superb one man performance which brings Welles to life – his acerbic wit and his driven nature to succeed artistically in his own … Read More

The English Teacher

August 8, 2007 |

A young attractive English teacher is thrust into a class of unsuspecting hormonal teenagers. His interest in them goes beyond the set texts. He looks into the background of each girl, comparing her heritage, her home life, her name … Read More


August 8, 2007 |

Chix where a girl band with the world at their feet and a massive hit record, well it reached no 15, some years ago and this comedy play opens with the video playing on the back drop as three … Read More


August 8, 2007 |

The Stonewall Inn, downtown Manhattan was one of the many sleazy drag bars of the 60’s. Frequently raided by the police, who usually met with total submission, one summer night in 1969 this changed. The fracas that ensued escalated … Read More

A Couple of Blaguards

August 8, 2007 |

The two actor format, in which a whole host of characters are portrayed, places tough demands on the performers. Unfortunately, the actors involved in this play did not meet the challenges successfully. Too many fluffed lines and missed cues … Read More

Greedy Scratchers

August 8, 2007 |

Jerome Wright is the older man in this foursome, he stands erect and introduces us to the characters and the time. We meet Gemskii the older woman, his wife, Leann O’Kasi the younger woman, his daughter, and Dan Morgan … Read More