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Breaker Morant - One4Review

Harry ‘Breaker’ Morant, born in England but raised in Aus went on to become an Australian Legend. This bush poet and soldier was court martialled for the murder of a German missionary during the Boer War. On stage we see various groups of soldiers occupied in several ways. We also have a sergeant directing us to our seats. We meet Breaker Morant (Adam Hills), Handcock (Brendon Burns) and Witten (Heath Franklin) all of whom are under investigation prior to court martial on three counts. Although Lord Kitchener (Mike Hayley) had given orders that any Boers caught in khaki should be shot, this was being denied and no written record found. Kitchener also appoints a young Major Bolton (Fergus March) for the prosecution it is obvious that Bolton’s admiration for Morant grows during the proceedings. Appointed for the defence Major Thomas (Sammy J) also very youthful for the job, he manages to clear them of the charge of murdering the missionary, but as for the other charges go and see the show to find out. Over the past few years the Comedians’ Theatre Company have put on some superb theatre utilising the acting talents of people usually associated with comedy. Phil Nichol’s involvement is usually a guarantee of quality and in this case he is co director. I have not seen many of these performers live before and it was therefore a delight to watch so many superb performances.  I know Adam Hills was a little nervous about this play but there were times I did not see Adam the stand-up comedian on stage I saw Breaker Morant. The cast includes Adam Hills, Brendon Burns, Heath Franklin, Sammy J, Fergus March, James Wren, Rhys Darby, Al Barrie, Nick Wilty, Alan Francis, Mike Hayley and Bruce McNeil. This is a fascinating play and a showcase for some superb acting. ****

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