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My Ms & Me - One4Review

I’ve always loved Jim Sweeney, whether doing improv with the comedy store, on stage or on TV as well as performing in plays with Steve Steen and  others, which he has on the fringe several times. Over the past few years we had steadily noticed his increasing walking difficulties, then discovered that he has been suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. The extent and full implications of this are still unknown yet he performs regularly. I was delighted to see him back in a one-man show and would have tried to see him no matter the subject of the show. He was diagnosed as having M. S. 19 years ago in his late twenty’s and the show takes you through his experiences up to date.  There are times during the show when I was in tears laughing at the descriptions of events he has gone through, yet occasionally I remembered he has actually experienced these things and found it a sobering thought.  His descriptive narrative is as excellent as ever and his ability to make people laugh un questionable. I for one hope to see him perform as long as he wants to and look forward to seeing him again. ****

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