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Jo Caulfield: Won't Shut Up! - One4Review

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4 stars

There seem to be a lot of issues in the press recently casting aspersions on the number of female comedians around and even doubting their abilities. We here at one4review do not think that gender matters, if someone is funny, then they are funny. Full Stop. We also think that the sexes are both well represented with comedy talent and such an example of which was the show I witnessed last night.

Jo Caulfield is a performer that is equally at home on television, radio or in the live gig format and she always has excellent material in abundance. This certainly was the case with the 2009 Fringe show ‘Won’t Shut Up’. Ms Caulfield told us from the start that she had an hour 20’s worth of material to pack into an hour slot, and boy did she try to get it all in, even over running she still had plenty of stuff to spare.

The packed preview house, Ms Caulfield is no prima donna, happy to have reviewers in from day one, were royally entertained on a variety of subjects covering currently topical subjects such as Edinburgh trams, recession and her plan to aid the recovery, a section on possible Dragon’s Den style inventions and their viability, the battle of the sexes and a daily updated section of new jokes that will be written daily for insertion into the show.  How she will mange to cram even more in I have no idea.

The overall impression I took away from the show was Class with a capital C. Jo has stage presence, a wicked sense of humour and enough material for two shows. So take my advice, check her out before the tickets are all gone and witness a really funny comedian, and it doesn’t matter a jot what sex, she has talent.

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