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Miles Jupp: Fibber in the Heat (A Cricket Tale) - One4Review

4 Stars


Miles Jupp’s cricketing tale is gripping and endearing storytelling with lashings of humour thrown in. Using no props or frills, he uses the power of word and gesture to create the mental pictures of a highly unusual journey to India.

His story has its origins in the heady summer of 2005 when England were triumphing over the Aussies to win the Ashes. He suddenly took a notion to go on England’s tour to India in February 2006 as a cricketing journalist. What could be better than seeing his cricketing heroes from the best seats and being paid for the privilege? Just one problem, he had no experience of being a cricket journalist. Using a couple of tenuous links, he conned his way into getting a press pass for England’s three test match series, or so he thought.

Off to India he goes with the press corps. His account tells of his daily fear of being found out by the real journalists as an impostor, his experiences with officialdom to ensure accreditation and meeting up with his cricketing heroes.

What makes his story so funny to a general audience and not simply to cricket followers is the way he focuses on the situation of telling ingenious fibs without realising all the ramifications. If we are honest, this has probably happened to most of us at some time.

Reviewed by Ben

Venue; Venue Number                  Gilded Balloon Teviot; V14

Dates                                                  4 to 29 August 2010 (not 16)

Times                                                 18.00 to 19.00

Fringe Programme Page Number: 99

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