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Susan Murray : The Glottal Stops Here - One4Review


3 Stars

Susan Murray was born in Glasgow but was moved to the Black Country at an early age by her parents so she definitely speaks with a West Midlands accent. But Ms Murray is a bit of a parrot who can imitate many regional accents as she demonstrates from time to time during her set.

The theme of the show obviously concentrates on accents and she has some very interesting ideas all loosely based on and around this topic and the use of language. There are illustrations also with the use of her laptop and screen. It was unfortunate that either the set-up of this or a lighting problem meant that for most of the show her face was in a deep shadow, this for me detracted a great deal from her performance. It was almost like it was an anonymous performer talking to us not the, when seen, attractive brunette she is.

Susan’s ability to mimic accents obviously gives her scope to play with several and having found an American in the audience a nice chance to prove she can do more than British regional ones.

All in all a very competent performance for her Fringe debut show, and I’m sure most like me would give her another visit hopefully on her return, but do get the lighting sorted eh ‘our kid.’


Reviewed by Geoff

Stand IV V 12

6-29 August

16-25 to 17-25

Fringe Brochure P 128

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