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Peter Pan on Ice – Wild Rose Productions- Alhambra Theatre Dunfermline - One4Review

The great J M Barrie classic novel Peter Pan is given a rather special treatment in this production currently touring and I have to admit it is an amazing spectacle. I managed to catch up with this at Dunfermline’s Alhambra Theatre on 11 December.

With the weather outside such as I imagine they could easily perform this show in the car park, huge audiences have never the less turned out to witness this outstanding experience, and left some two hours later extolling the show as absolutely magnificent. And no wonder. It was probably better than that.

Now I am no expert on ice dance or ice skating in general, but having seen Dancing on Ice on the TV, I am aware how difficult it can be even on a big rink, let alone on a theatre stage, with scenery, props and occasionally upwards of twenty fellow skaters there too. But then that was where the production company have got clever, employing the Russian All Stars as the performers and this troupe of amazing skaters make the splendid choreography, the wire work, fire juggling and the circus skills all seem positively easy, something they certainly are not.

The story sticks closely to Barrie’s original with a selection of Lost Boys, Red Indians, crocodile, Peter himself obviously Captain Hook, Wendy Tinkerbell et al illustrating the tale without a word spoken and only the music and the skating to relate the plot.

The design and staging aided the production to extremely high standards; the whole experience was charming, elegant and enthralling throughout.

Unfortunately I saw the last performance of the week, which was a crying shame because had I been able to see an earlier one, I would definitely have been back.

To check out where they are moving onto next, then the details are to be found on their website and for the wide range of quality shows at the Alhambra Theatre Dunfermline, check out their website  

Reviewed by Geoff

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