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a Cappella with Cattitude - One4Review

5 stars *****

When this lot are good, they’re brilliant, and ninety-five per cent of their show is brilliant. A few of their slower numbers lack the sparkling verve and energy of the more up-beat ones, rendering them merely ‘excellent’. But all one hundred percent of this hour of covers, mash-ups and medleys, arranged for a choir of eleven, is worth every penny.

Technically, they are superb: well-rehearsed in choreography and musicality, slick in their spoken communications, and confident and clear in coordinating the audience’s participation in one of the songs. There’s a healthy dose of humour in there too, in both the words and the actions, and you can’t help but contract the infectious joy they obviously have in performing.

If you want more, you can take them home with you (as many of the audience did): their CDs are available for purchase after the show.

 A feel-good fun-filled hour that will make you happy.

Reviewed by Laura

C Venues, 16:45 (50 mins)

Until 29th August

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