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A Review of Theatre Reviews (1) - One4Review

It is approaching the half-way point of the Fringe and perhaps it is a good time to take stock of the Theatre productions I have seen so far. I get the impression from talking to people of the desire to see good storytelling theatre expressed in a fresh, clear and witty manner. Certainly, those productions which have these core values seem to be getting healthy audience numbers. If this is your preference, the list below gives a selection of productions which meet the criteria I have just stated.

Of course, there will be others but with the Theatre section in the Fringe running from page 236 to page 315, it is impossible to take in everything. Hence my list is a very personal one. I have set out the list in the order of the days when I saw the performance.

Those Magnificent Men: the story of Alcock and Brown’s record breaking flight

The Diaries of Adam and Eve: the play’s title conveys the content

Cul-de-Sac: the goings on in a contemporary English suburb

Roar: a tale of revenge in 17th century London

The World According to Bertie: a slice of life in modern Edinburgh

Silken Veils: a story centred on an Iranian woman now living in America who lived through the Iran revolution in 1979 as a young child

Bluebeard – A Fairy Tale for Adults: the play’s title conveys the content


In addition to this list I think it is worth mentioning some solo theatre performances. This form of theatre makes huge demands on the stagecraft of the performer and here are some performers who showed outstanding ability, again in day order.

Chris Larner in ‘An Instinct for Kindness’

Mark Jardine in ‘How Steeple Sinderby Wanderers won the F.A.Cup’

Tim Watts in ‘The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik’

Gael Le Cornec in ‘The Last Days of Gilda’

Hopefully, in the days ahead I can add to these lists.

Posted by Ben on 15th August



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