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Barry and Stuart - The Show - One4Review

4 Stars ****

If you don’t want to be chosen to go up on stage in this show, don’t sit in the first few rows. Equally, don’t look too closely if you don’t want some clues to how it’s done (for that, you can watch their partner show, The Tell, but it’s a whole other ticket).

That said, this show was lots of fun. The magic wasn’t so much tricks as really really clever ways of playing with your brain – but impressive none the less. The humour and panache with which it was delivered, while not seamless, was entertaining, with some of the jokes worthy of many of the better comedians. Messrs Barry and Stuart seem very down to earth, but, for me, (appear to be) perhaps too willing to cause harm – either to innocent goldfish or to themselves.

Special mention to the tech staff, who do an excellent job co-ordinating the numerous audio-visual aspects of the show.

All in all, a hour’s good entertainment, with comfy seats too.

Reviewed by Laura

E4 Cowbarn, 22:15 (1hr)

Until 28th Aug

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