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Katherine Ryan : Miss Conception - One4Review

3 Stars ***

Having done well at the Fringe two or three years ago and taking sometime off to have a baby, Ms Ryan is back and boy is she hitting hard.

Playing late in the day in Pleasance Below, Canadian born Katheryn is sooo full of energy she could power a small town. Dressed in a green dress / tutu she bounds onto the stage and barely pauses for breath until the show is over.

Now Ms Ryan of a couple of years ago was soberly dressed fairly placid and punctuated her set with a infectious if somewhat irritating giggle, all of this has come.

Instead we have a in your face ballsy chick who sings to us, flits with some, and totally goes for it and to hell with everyone. She is having a good time and dares you not too.

The audience were a little sceptical of her to start with, but her out there personality backed up with a whole raft of interesting and funny material Katherine won them over.

The finale was different, unexpected and for me did not add anything to the show, but then I am not in charge. God no. Ms Ryan knows what she wants and heaven help anyone who gets in her way.

 Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Below V33

3 to 29 August

22:55 to 23:55

Fringe Brochure 104

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