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Andrew Maxwell – That’s The Spirit - One4Review

5 Star


Andrew Maxwell has been packing then in at Fringes since I can remember and this year is no exception with the sold out show attracting fans old and new and as usual he delivered.

Maxwell is not the most dynamic of comedians, no running around his stage for him, he seldom goes to the audience, but when he does it’s to great effect.

His well written as always set, his laid back delivery are just part of his persona, but the content is as always biting and he is unafraid to share his opinion on some subjects other comics may shy away from.

He starts off with football, the Olympics, progresses to the Scottish Independence question and the world money crisis and we are not even half way through. As to the rest of his hour well the quality was equally as high as the first section.

Maxwell is a born raconteur and his accent could lead one to believe he is a ‘typical Irishman’ but not in the New York stereotype he assures us. He seems to find his own observations funny as well and why shouldn’t he? It is very funny after all.

I guess tickets will soon be very difficult to get soon so don’t wait too long to book

Reviewed by Geoff

Assembly George Square Theatre

2-26 August (not 13)

21-05 to 22-05


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