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Jessica Fostekew – Brave New Word - One4Review


4 Star

I first became aware of Jessica Fostekew during last years Fringe and was instantly hooked into her style. Okay maybe she isn’t the most ground breaking comic around, but she certainly is a funny lady.

12 months on, the show she offers us is based on her love of words and their meaning, and she transforms the Turret into a classroom on the last day of term, as Miss Fostekew, probably a teacher we would always have preferred at school than the ones we actually got, leads us through a series of lessons, each punctuated by a school bell.

Each ‘lesson’ gave her a chance to showcase her acting talents, to entertain, and yes educate, with her explanation of the derivation of some of her chosen favourite words and  her creative interpretations if an odd word selected eluded her occasionally, illustrated with a whole host of funny anecdotes as well.

For a non-confrontational hour or fun, oh there was compulsorily pass the parcel, then enrol for this last day of term experience, and register your approval.

Reviewed by Geoff

Gilded Balloon Turret

1-26 August (not 14)

18-30 to 19-30

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