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Sean Hughes Stands Up - One4Review


I wasn’t a huge fan of this show. I don’t think it’s funny to be outright rude to your audience: all but calling one person ugly and decrying another’s clothing choice. Some enjoyed his humour though, and those being criticised seemed to take it in good part.

This is fairly accomplished repertoire. Sean’s delivery is competent and confident. There are some recurring jokes, and the remainder is a meander through a collection of…stuff, including the fact that Sean is getting older, religion, a brief flirtation with economics, a foray into politics, and the Bay City Rollers. He involves the audience a fair bit, and works well with the responses he’s given. It all hangs together (mainly on the strength of those recurring themes) and there is an identifiable progression from beginning to end.

This is good reliable work, but not groundbreaking or explosive. Existing fans may enjoy this, but I’m not sure it’ll win over many new ones.

Reviewed by Laura

Gilded Balloon

until 27 Aug, 20:15

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