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Pete Johansson - Several Jokes 4**** - One4Review

Pete Johansson – Several Jokes 4****

| On 20, Aug 2014

On a wet evening early in week three, Pete Johansson, a British based Canadian opened to his select crowd talking about vulnerability fear and his show title, which was claimed to actually live up to its billing, containing several jokes and quite a few anecdotal stories along the way.

Pete has got a bee in his bonnet concerning his phobia about… you got it bees, which seem to get him little or no sympathy while other phobias get loads. The erudite comic makes a good case to back his up, and stretches into a somewhat unlikely but hilarious conclusion.

Johansson has a plethora of stories about his life, his love life, his neighbours, feminism, and a Japanese tour all are sources of well written material for this rather rapid talking guys to talk about and deliver a load of laughs along the way. If he has a rant, and it is a close as he gets, then it is about… no go find out for yourself, the guys is good for value money and deserves more support.

Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Beneath

21.30 to 22.30


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