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Helen Duff: When the Going Gets Duff 4**** - One4Review

Helen Duff: When the Going Gets Duff 4****

| On 21, Aug 2017

Ms Duff is effervescent. There is no more appropriate word to describe her. Her mind, as she says, does seem to work considerably faster than her mouth, and that doesn’t go slow. She fizzes around the stage, distracted by the tangents in her own brain, accumulating the beginnings of stories like nested parentheses. It’s quite fun to watch. All the parentheses are closed and all the stories finished by the end of the show, so there is no fear of the set up to a joke rattling round your head in search of what the punchline should have been.

Dressed in what seems to have become a signature blue jumpsuit, Ms Duff tells stories about her life and experiences with a frank and gleeful abandon: much as you’d expect from a woman who dressed up as a sperm at last year’s Fringe. There is some progression on that challenges that lead to her performing as a sperm, as well as some advance on why she might have encountered those particular problems in the first place.

Ms Duff’s delivery, pace and diction are excellent, though the content and material might make some uncomfortable. One man certainly seemed to be wondering who had let the lunatic out of the asylum and seemed distinctly wary – but others seemed to thoroughly enjoy the riotous fizzing hilarity.

Assembly Roxy, 19:35

Reviewed by Laura

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