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Ben Pope: Dancing Bear 4****

August 23, 2019 |

Ben Pope seems like a lovely, warm fellow, without a cynical thought in his head or malice for anyone. He didn’t even have anything particularly negative to say about the sassy, nonchalant ghost, just accepted it, decided to find it … Read More

Matt Forde:- Brexit Pursued by a Bear 4.5 ****

August 23, 2019 |

For many years now TV and radio political funny man has been stunning his audiences at Edinburgh Fringe with his no nonsense style of satire pointing out the events, flaws and foibles of a whole raft of British and overseas … Read More

Joey Page: Afterlife (An Idiot Considers a Series of Distractions Before Death) 3***

August 23, 2019 |

I have seen Joey Page a few times over the years, either being a compere or doing a slot on a compilation show, yet this was the first time I ventured to see a whole hour. On entering into the … Read More

Rocket Girl – 4 ****

August 23, 2019 |

The cast, in ‘NASA’ boiler suits, ask the younger audience members to draw what they want to be when they grow up.

Then the lights dim, and with a few simple props and a puppet, we’re transported back to 1969, … Read More

When Trolls Try to Eat Your Goldfish – 4****

August 23, 2019 |

Dommy B is a storyteller, and although you can buy a number of his books, including this tale, it is well worth experiencing him live.

This is a story of family, of caring for animals, and of bravery – both … Read More

Stephen Carlin – Post Rational Carlin – 4****

August 23, 2019 |

Stephen Carlin has a wide range of topics and certainly doesn’t shy away from controversial ones – hard drugs, suicide, being called ‘gay’ – as well as some more mundane, from family relationships, small town life, and driving, to World … Read More

Loyiso Gola: Pop Culture – 3***

August 23, 2019 |

Quick-talking Gola tells us that he is a stand up with no particular message, though by the end, there is something of a theme sneaking in. What he definitely is, however, is a comic who fires numerous different topics at … Read More

Adam Larter: Good Morning Croissant 3***

August 23, 2019 |

The most notable thing about this show is the wealth of visual aids and props Mr Larter has created for the show, some of them quite complex, even those only used for a small two-second throwaway line. The other noteworthy … Read More

Joz Norris Is Dead. Long Live Mr Fruit Salad. 4****

August 23, 2019 |

Mr Norris seems to pour his heart and soul into his craft, and so what might have been simply ‘forty minutes of nonsense and a bit of scripted stand-up material’ is transformed into a – admittedly still silly and a … Read More

Tony Law and Phil Nichol: Virtue Chamber Echo Bravo Comedy 3***

August 23, 2019 |

There are badges during this show. They bear the latin motto ‘adolescens habet scientiam’, which as far as I can work out means ‘young people don’t know shit’. Mr Law, in an interview with Richard Herring, described his comedy as … Read More