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Little Death Club -Underbelly and Dead Man Label -4****

August 19, 2018 |

Even before the show had started Bernie Dieter was circulating the audience finding her victims for the audience participation that was to come. Dressed in a punk/glam rock sequined jump suit she starts the show by working her way through … Read More

Stephen Bailey: – Our Kid 4****

August 19, 2018 |

There can be no doubt that Stephen Bailey is a comedian who is going places. The queues form nearly an hour before show time and he has to turn many away simply because all the seats are full and the … Read More

Felicity Ward :- Busting a Nut 5*****

August 19, 2018 |

It’s been a couple of years since Felicity Ward has been at the Fringe far too long as her fans are concerned, but she is back and then some with the latest offering Busting a Nut I suppose she had … Read More

Sally-Anne Hayward:- Comedienne-ess 3***

August 19, 2018 |

Sally-Anne Hayward has been on the comedy map for a number of years now and has all the confidence and persona you could ask for, and she does have a lot of funny stories and jokes in her bag of … Read More

Tom Ward -Popcorn Lung : 5*****

August 19, 2018 |

Back in the days, when I went clubbing, we all had a mate like this. The one who took the clubbing and rave culture too far, living it seven days a week but still he was always the one with … Read More

Tom Stade: I Swear To…….4****

August 19, 2018 |

Tom Stade is a performer whose immense presence commands the stage with his energy and his own brand of teetering on the edge of good taste comedy. He is a comedian with a vast amount of experience and a talent … Read More

Tamar Broadbent: – Best Life 4****

August 19, 2018 |

Now it’s not everybody who is a fan of musical comedy, and certainly not every performer can do it. But doing it and doing it very well indeed is Tamar Broadbent. Ms Broadbent has stage presence and all the talents … Read More

Liam Withnail :- Homeboy 4****

August 19, 2018 |

It must be hellish for a comedian contemplating writing his latest offering for Fringe consumption when nothing has gone wrong in his life in the last year. Surely that is the only thing to write about? Certainly not it appears … Read More

Steve Bugeja:- Almost 4****

August 19, 2018 |

Steve Bugeja is doing his 4th Edinburgh show and has been gathering a reputation, well justified in my opinion, as a comic who is going places, and this storytelling funny man also comes back, as the thread of this year’s … Read More

Elf Lyons:- ChiffChaff 4****

August 18, 2018 |

I first saw Elf Lyons as a precocious teenager doing straight stand-up and marked her down for greater things so was pleased to see last year’s show Swan nominated for the prestigious Comedy Award. It would be interesting to see … Read More