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Harriet Dyer: The Dinosaur Show 4****

August 8, 2019 |

There is an internet meme, which starts ‘hits blunt,’ and is followed by an apparently silly question which may also contain much profundity. I imagine that could describe the process of devising this show: ‘hits blunt; what would happen if … Read More

Sinatra: Raw – Richard Shelton – 5*****

August 4, 2019 |

What a fantastic lunchtime show! As soon as Richard Shelton started to sing, I knew we were in safe hands. It was like Frank was in the room with us and we were all in the palm of his hand. … Read More

Masie Adam: Hang Fire 4****

August 3, 2019 |

Maisie Adam is fairly new on the comedy scene but her rise has been meteoric. 3 years ago she had never done a stand-up gig. Her first was not the normal 5 minutes, no she did an hour. 2 months … Read More

Esther Manito: Crusade 4****

August 3, 2019 |

Esther Manito is performing her debut Edinburgh hour with her show Crusade, based on her own personal crusade with life. She was born in a village Essex to a Lebanese father and a Geordie mother and due to the cultural … Read More

Jay Lafferty: Jammy 4****

August 3, 2019 |

Jay Lafferty has been a stalwart on the Scottish Comedy scene for ages and her profile has never been higher. Scottish Compere of the Year 2019, numerous TV and radio appearances, a gag making headlines in American press and with … Read More

Madame George by Keir McAllister 4****

August 3, 2019 |

Multi Award winning writer Keir McAllister has done it again. Each year this prolific comedian and play write produces a thoroughly enjoyable, delightfully written play and Madam George is up there with his best. McAllister always enlists some of his … Read More

In For A Pound – Otago Theatre 4****

August 23, 2018 |

Libby McArthur, a ‘weel kent’ face for fans of River City, brings this one woman play to Edinburgh, recounting her memories of the time she ended up in court for not paying 6 parking fines. Looking back to the 1990s … Read More

Fred Macauley in Conversation:- 4****

August 21, 2018 |

There are a lot of similar shows as this on the Fringe each year and each I guess have their merits and the popularity with audiences cannot be doubted. But not everyone is hosted by Fred Macaulay. Macaulay has of … Read More

Christopher Macarthur–Boyd:- Home Sweet Home 4****

August 21, 2018 |

Christopher McArthur-Boyd may be slight in stature, 5’3’’ he informs us, but he certainly isn’t lacking in comic ability and charisma as the busy shows so far this Fringe will testify to. Glaswegian Macarthur- Boyd made people feel at home … Read More

Roscoe McClelland :-4****

August 20, 2018 |

The Fringe is taking its toll on everyone this year it seems and as Roscoe McClelland hobbles onto the stage with a crutch, not explained, and barely a voice, it seems to be hitting him rather hard. But this doesn’t … Read More