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Cluedo Murder: At Tudor Hall - One4Review

Cluedo: Murder at Tudor Hall returns to the Fringe after a sell out run last year. Created by last years Year 13 AVCE Performing Arts students for their Musical Theatre exam. Games manufacturer Hasbro kindly permitted full rights to use the names and characters from the board game. Each of the characters join in the initial musical number ‘London my London’ during which the murder takes place.  Dr Black (Joe Crocker) is found dead by Mrs White (Natalie Perry) his housekeeper, as she goes to answer the door. Each of the houseguests are in different rooms in the house at the time of the murder. Inspector Cleudo (Hayley Marshalsea) decides to interview each suspect individually. After a chorus of ‘He had it coming’ we meet each individual and hear their unique musical signature number. Colonel Mustard (Joe Bartram) travels the world, first class, of course, but is perhaps not all he seems. Miss Scarlett (Natisha McLeary) was a nightclub dancer before meeting and becoming engaged to Dr Black. Her guardian Mrs Peacock (Gemma Davies) is having a close relationship with Reverend Green (Sam Pearcey) and Dr Black is blackmailing both of them. Professor Plum (Oliver Pincott) is researching the use of chemicals in photography but his research funding is being withdrawn. Finally Mrs White confesses she hates men! All seven characters receive letters asking them to meet someone in the dining room at midnight.  It is here Mrs Peacock is killed with the rope, Reverend Green commits suicide and suffice to say two characters survive the show! Who are the survivors?  Who are killed and why? What songs do they use? See it if you can although the short run doesn’t give you much time. ****

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