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Four Sets of Lips: A Two-Woman Show - One4Review

A two woman Cabaret written and performed by Naava Piatka and Lucy Holstedt cover the subject of womanhood as rarely ever before. From developing Boobs at age 11, through romances, from periods to childbirth, masturbation to Blowjobs and from finding Mr Right to George W Bush! The joint talents of both performers shine through and go to prove we are all the same under the skin. The show is cleverly written and beautifully performed. No subject of female import is too sacred to be covered and had us the tiny audience of four almost doubled up on the floor.  Just like a gang of good mates gossiping in the pub we were all part of a great joke being played on men.  Although we six had a fantastic time I would love to witness the reactions of a couple of big gangs of girls on a night out or a hen party or two. Not quite so sure on the effect on any males in the company but think Id like to keep it a secret from them! ***** Naava Piatka has also written and performs ‘Finding My Mother’s Voice’ V 54, C Central Carlton Hotel Cabaret Bar until the 30th at 17-45

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