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Equus - One4Review

I suppose I must have been fairly unique in the audience at this show, having never seen either the play or the film before. Peter Shaffer’s play has been almost constantly available on the Fringe for as long as I’ve been attending, but somehow our paths have not crossed until this year. Trident Theatre perform a highly enjoyable, if that is the word, of this modern classic. For those who do not know, the play centres on Alan Strang, played by Robert MacPhearson, a dysfunctional boy who has been found guilty of blinding six horses and his treatment by ‘Shrink’ Martin Dysart played with verve by Rowan Bangs. The rest of the cast, Alan’s parents, David Farrington and Miranda French, Lawyer Hester, Kathryn O’Connor, stable girl Jill, Claire Houlton all play much smaller roles, but essential just the same. The direction is excellent and full use is made of the minimalistic set, as for the portrayal by Sam Males as Nugget the horse, just superb. ****

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