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Levelland By Rich Hall - One4Review

When radio is your life you never know who you’ll be in touch with through your talk show!  Gas is in short supply, non-essential vehicles are rusting in the front yards, electricity supplies are irregular/ unreliable, you’re stockpiling gas for the generator. Doing your late night talk show on your own radio station and advertising the comfort of a mattress you don’t even use, miles out of town when you get an unexpected visitor. Wayman Tisdale (Rich Hall) is amazed by Scrope’s (Rory Keenan) story that his radio show is spouting explanations of chapters of revelations, how others with special gifts will be making pilgrimages ending in his studio.  Scrop’s life has been grim till he discovered his ability to divine oil. Used and misused by Demitri (David Calvitto) and Guffy (Mike Wilmot) he is on the run seeking his salvation and safety. Cornered at the isolated radio station and finding out that Wayman Tisdale is not the messiah he was seeking, yet in his way in the end Tidesdale could be said to be Scrope’s saviour! This show is beautifully directed, as usual, may I say by the wonderful  Guy Masterson, although on the whole fairly dark and full of foreboding, the shows lighter moments are appreciated.  Not what you could call a feel good show this enjoyable theatrical experience demonstrates further aspects of these actors vast talents. ****

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