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True West  - One4Review

Phil Nichol and Tom Stade perform ‘True West’ with Dave Johns and Janice Connolly.  Successful if geeky LA screenwriter Austin (Phil) is house-sitting for his mom (Janice) whilst he is putting the finishing touches to his latest blockbuster.  He is due to have further discussions with his producer (Dave), when his older, down and out drifter and small time crook of a brother Lee (Tom) drops in to stay. Undercurrents of sibling rivalries and jealousies raise their ugly heads.  Unspoken deficiencies in each character arise and unexpected power struggles fester until Austin’s producer friend reads the synopsis Lee has forced his brother to write and immediately offers Lee a fortune for his script.  The tension builds up to the eventual grizzly and messy climax. I am continually delighted by the wealth of talent and unexpected characters pouring out of Phil Nicol and although Geoff is seeing him at The Stand Comedy Club doing his stand up show I am so jealous. Don’t forget Phil’s other show Talk Radio at the E4 UDDERBELLY Tom Stade’s portrayal of the brother also displays an actor of immense talent.   Strangely he is also appearing at The Stand Comedy Club in his one-man show. Dave Johns is in The Unattended at the Smirnoff Underbelly. Finally yes you guessed it Janice is also in another show at the Fringe as soon as I can remember the details I’ll let you all know. Oh yes by the way ‘True West’ for me is a great show. ****

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