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Blogging - One4Review

Blogging seems to be one of the more popular themes at this years Fringe, some done well, others less so, therefore I thought yet another play, how well will this one be done. The answer was it was done superbly. Set largely in 2006, but with flashbacks to 1943, Grandmother Martha, mother Felicity and grand daughter Sarah are awaiting the birth o Sarah’s child, whilst her husband Charlie is serving in the armed forces in Iraq. Parallels to his daily blog keeping this family informed, are to Martha’s husband Tommy writing back home in 1943, and the benefits and occasional disadvantages of instant communication. The play is a supurb piece of writing by Simon Patton and the cast of Andy Palmer, who plays all male roles, Ali Bazley, as Sarah, Sally Wilkinson, Felicity and especially  Heather Lamport as Martha are totally up for the roles they are playing. The only slight detraction was that I would have liked to see them with more stage space than the venue had available, but on the very positive up side, I had assumed these were full time professional actors, but on reading their very comprehensive press pack I realised that they all have other jobs. Well done guys, I’ve certainly seen far less from some of the full time pros this Fringe. *****

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