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A Slice of Saturday Night - One4Review

I can’t understood why this feel good Heather Brothers musical has never really captured the public’s imagination despite numerous attempts. It has good numbers, a funny script and gives scope for audience participation, but it’s never been a massive hit it deserves. Harland have taken it on and the young cast really give it everything they’ve got as they bring the Club A Go-Go to the Fringe. Good singing, fine choreography considering the venue confines and despite of the youth of the cast they coped well with a number of technical hitches that took place at the performance I saw.   Dale Barr was suitably menacing as club owner Eric, The Girls, Sharon , Penny, Sue and Bridget played by Rachael Stow, Polly Stathers, Marilyn Cuthbert and Lucy Brown looked right and acted their parts well, as did The Boys Rick, Gary and Eddie repectively played by James lent, Andy Yeomans and John Hunter. So don’t wait till Saturday Night for a Slice of the action book your ticket now. ****

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