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Cabaret Decadanse - One4Review

In a smoky Cabaret bar, cool music, extraordinarily sensuous and decadent puppets and first class puppeteers, who occasionally supply ‘body parts’ to their creations and in a nutshell that is what this show is all about.

But that is not how it seems. The well-rehearsed choreography of the master puppeteers gives these life like few others, the puppets move sensuously when the music dictates, they react, and in one case attempt to seduce a member of the audience.

We meet a variety of these creatures of the night including Kiko the Latino lover, Lorraine the Diva, Conrad the transvestite, the list is endless.

The three Canadian puppet masters have created a spectacular show, but, I was fortunate to be sitting near the front, so could see clearly. I wonder how much detail could have been seen further back? Also for me if was slightly too long at 70 minutes, perhaps it was only me though.

So if you fancy seeing these puppets flying with out strings, make sure you get near the front so as you miss none of the spectacle.


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