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Mazaika - One4Review

Igor Outkine and Sarah Harrison together are ‘Mazaika’. Russian Igor could have come directly from the steppes and I had never before thought of Russians as romantic, but am now having to rethink. His singing and accordion playing demonstrate almost every musical genre you can think of. He is beautifully complemented by Sarah, a tall, willowy figure in various sumptuous dresses, playing the violin and balalaika.  I have never before heard all the sounds that Sarah seems to coax out of thin air via her violin. Starting with opera, moving through rock, pop, traditional music from several countries, jazz and  ending up with a Russian finale. The small audience were witness as a spellbinding performance unfolded and the 50 minutes were over far too soon as we were enjoying ourselves and the performance so much. This was a superb way to start my Fringe viewing and sticking to ‘what has jokingly become our nickname’, this is definitely another 4 * review. I look forward to seeing and hearing more of these two very talented people. For more information see the website  A well deserved


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