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Out Of The Blue - One4Review

I have seen ‘Out of the Blue’ several times over the past few years and despite the changing faces of the performers thanks to graduation from university, job situations etcetera one thing is guaranteed the top quality of each performance, whether on stage or busking in the street. When shows i.e. Footlights, Oxford Review, News Review come back to the Fringe year after year you can not always guarantee absolute top quality. So far, and I do stress so far, I have not seen a bad show from Out of the Blue. They choose the repertoire of numbers they perform and do their own choreography. For the first time they did some numbers I didn’t recognise.  Admittedly the performers get younger but that can be said for every university company at the Fringe. Sitting in the middle of the front row was Becky 5 and 3/4 years old who had the hand movements for some of the songs off pat she has watched them perform on the High Street five times. Judging by audience reaction this performance is five star for me it was very very close. ****

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