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Proof - One4Review

How close is the line between genius and Madness? Is it possible for both to be passed on through the family? How close do a father and daughter have to be to cross the boundaries of death? Being close to your father is wonderful unless he is taken away from you suddenly. Even if he has been mentally ill for some time having to be cared for round the clock it is a shock to finally loose him. He has gone but you still find yourself talking to him. This is the situation Catherine finds herself in. Her passion for both her father Robert and mathematics brooding heavily on her mind. Is the situation helped or hindered by? Hal one of her fathers graduate students wanting to work his way through her fathers books incase he had some amazing new theory. Or her sister Claire’s arrival for the funeral. This is a very interesting play and has already won awards in 2001. The cast Michael Etzrodit as Robert, Dara Goldman as Catherine, Joe Towne as Hal and Kaily Smith as Claire. **** The Festival Theatre USA has been conspicuous by its absence over the past few years but I am glad to say they are back with some new shows and an old favourite ‘Star Wars Trilogy in 30 Minutes’ and the musical ‘Johnny Guitar’ both reviewed on the site.

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