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Radio Blah Blah - One4Review

Occasionally we miss a gem in the maze that is the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Guide, thankfully Katie McCrory contacted me about ‘DANNY JAMES In RADIO BLAH BLAH’. The concept of a recorded radio show with fringe guest stars each night appealed, I remember the ‘Scot FM live at the Laich’ radio show two or three years ago.

The guest on the night I saw the show was Boothby Graffoe, along with violinist Nick Pynn offered interesting chat and great music. The slightly inebriated couple on the front row added another focus for humour.

We were asked to take part in call-ins with a telephone booth at the back of the room, but the only person to use it was Boothby. He has had some interesting guests and usually has more than one on the bill. Proposed guests are advertised by flyer daily or visit the website

I was unaware of Danny but will now look out for him in the future assisted by both and Danny’s own web diary.

Only seven nights to go until 29th get to see it if you can and e-mail me to say how it went and contact Danny with your comments.


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