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Paul Merton's Impro Chums - One4Review

paul_mertounAs a great fan of Improvisation comedy and having seen several extremely good amateur and newer impro groups it is always a special treat to see some of my all time heroes. Paul Merton is known from several medias, not least of all the TV. For the second year he has brought his impro chums to Edinburgh. For me it would be difficult to choose a team of only five but the team I saw, Paul himself, Lee Simpson, Andy Smart, Jim Sweeney and Richard Vranch. The show was a scream from start to finish my throat hurt from laughing out loud, something I don’t do too often. My sides and cheeks ace with over use and I had to run to the loo immediately after the show. The whole venue performers and audience have one giant party and if you could afford it you would see a different show every night, even if you had the same crew.

Paul Merton is the suave intellectual, with a wicked if dry sense of humour. What more can one say about him except he is brilliant and obviously loves his job.

Lee Mack the sensible one, if that can be said of an impro comedian.

Andy Smart probably the one I have seen the most on the fringe. He says he hates the impro singing but always manages to talk himself into (get himself into performing) some. From the show I saw he is spookily like some of the anesthetists I work with.

Jim Sweeney, my hero to whom my admiration abounds. Long may we see him and his talents. Although suffering from MS he continues performing and his mind is as sharp and witty as ever.

Richard Vranch the gorgeous musical one and the aim of my lust for years

A fantastic show I could watch again and again.


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