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Rise Up! - One4Review

The creator of Rise Up, Adam Cochran, first came to my attention in ‘Pirates’ in 2002, then again in 2003 when HWS Rembiko produced one of his musicals. That same year I saw him in ‘Watson’ a dark disturbing play which further displayed his acting talents. Rise up is the story of Sam Hansen, Spencer Case, damned to an eternity as lord of hell, all because he could not say I Love You to his soul mate. As the nine-millionth man to enter Hades he takes over from Lucifer, Andrew Pattison, who is free to return to earth and learn to live an exemplary life and possibly go to heaven after death. In Hell, Sam is aided by the Devil’s advisor, ‘The Wig’, Lauren Schaffel, who is well suited to this part as the comic relief in the show. The Wig, along with Doc AK Kalinowski search for a way for Sam to return to his soul mate Betty, Tessa Williams.  Will he succeed? Go and see the show to find out. The show is well performed by its 12 strong cast, with a small live band of five musicians. The bright imaginative set and costumes work well with fantasy storyline.  The cast, crew and audience all enjoy the show This musical has improved from Adams last Fringe offering, it is tighter, has a more concise storyline and is showing his developing maturity. The up-tempo numbers get you tapping along whilst the ballads find you listening carefully to the lyrics.  I do hope he keeps developing his all-round talents and that we see his productions continuing for some time.  I also hope he doesn’t loose his imagination and ability to dream up situations and storylines. **** I would love to see it again but due to a tight schedule and its limited run don’t expect to.

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